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5. Asatru…Odinnism…Heathenry


No matter what you call it, it’s a way of life, not a religion. We have no dogma, only a set of principles we try to live by, in whatever ways are fit for us and our families. For Kin, Kith, and Community. For Family, Faith and Folk. These are the lessons I have to teach. This is the knowledge I have to share.

Until my new videos are uploaded, please check out my old videos on YouTube by searching “taderic1983“.

Skáldsmíði, Leikr, & Sérlaussmiðr.

I dabble in Viking Age crafts such as rune sets, jewelry, Viking stargazer chairs, crafting Viking games, and soon to be building my first Viking tent. I’m just beginning this craft journey, but it has surely been a learning experience so far, and a fun one at that.