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Calendar of Events

As modern NorseMN of Raven Rock we celebrate many smaller days of remembrance to our heroes, as well as daily salutations to sun, moon and our Gods and Goddesses. We also celebrate a list of private and open-to-public events throughout the year. This is our list of events for 2024 C.E. (2274 R.E.)

Ostara (Spring Equinox) – Private – 10am (March 24, Sunday) Pastries, games, egg hunt, egg dying, sumbel at high noon. Contact Tad for details.

May Day – Privately promoted with suana event – TBD

Storytelling Time with ThatoneguyTad and Friends – Public Free

Midsummer (Summer Solstice Event Mankato) – Public Walk-In – (June 21 & 22 Friday and Saturday)

Midsummer Blot and Feast – Private Event (June 23, Sunday) TBD

Viking Camping Sauna Retreat – Public ticketed Minneopa group camping event – TBD (July Aug ???)

FreyFaxi (Autumn Equinox) – (Sept. 22, Sunday) – TBD

Winter Finding (2nd Harvest Festival) – TBD (Oct. ???)

Feast of Ullr – TBD (Nov. ???)

Yule (Winter Solstice) – Private Event (Dec. 29, Sunday) – TBD

Tyler’s Musical Charity Event – Sauna and polar plunge