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Networking and Expanding the Family

This year was the first year that I was brought out of my comfort zone and into the public eye. I gathered my family and friends together to get a booth at the local Mankato Solstice Festival live music event. We got a booth for 2 days. We made some viking stargazer chairs, some wood and antler rune sets, some cast resin and 3D printed items, and I even did some rune readings on the second day. We gave a chair to the silent auction and it sold for $45. I did 9 rune readings and changed as many people’s lives. I networked alongside my cousin Tyler with the event planners, a local investor who gave me my first big order for chairs, and I managed to get a chair signed by the headliner Hayden Coffman for my daughter Isabelle. What a great weekend and a giant step into the future. Plus the launch of the website here has been a fun project.